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KST has rich human resource in most of IT areas. Our consultant solves business problems of Oracle product & services, and with our consultants’ experience clients saves their business within time and budget.

KST Remote Applications Database support is designed to provide our customers with responsive and comprehensive around the clock Oracle Applications and Oracle Database administration support. All companies need a cost-effective way of ensuring that their Oracle E-Business Suite remains stable. KST Remote Oracle Applications & Database Administration service provides a company with all of the services needed to ensure a reliable and responsive system. KST will do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time Applications Database administration support.


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Asset
  • Cash Management
  • iExpense
  • iPayments

Supply Chain

  • Purchasing
  • iProcurement
  • Order Management
  • Inventory
KST offers reliable and experienced offshore Oracle development services as the most cost effective way to leverage the best resources to meet your short and long-term requirements. Our systematic engagement process allows us to become an integrated part of your existing team.

Process Area

Configuration Management

Optimal Rapid Application Development can only be guaranteed with good configuration management system in place.

Fail safe Development environment

We help organizations to save their produced code by implementing virtualization to make development servers fail safe.

Automated Release Management

Making QA passed changes rapidly available to clients in key to success. We also help in building automated release management system.

Web Performance Tuning

Performance is now a inbuilt features but sadly page loading times seem to be a low priority for many webmasters, unless the site is really grinding to a halt; a fraction of a second off loading times can have a dramatic impact on visitors and sales, and Google now taking loading times into consideration when ranking sites, the importance of a speedy site has never been higher.

KST Experts tend to tackle speed issues from both angles: optimizing the server, then tackling web-specific problems. Typical areas are:

  • Combining and minifying CSS and JavaScript
  • Using CSS sprites to cut image requests
  • Splitting content across sub-domains to increase parallel downloading
  • Use of appropriate expiry headers and compression
  • Resampling of images to achieve better compression
  • Data base optimization / tuning
  • Apache web server performance tuning
  • Javascript optimization